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Software solutions revolutionizing classroom interactions, parent engagement and easing the administration heavywork.

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Best in industry reports reveal business leading information bringing higher levels of productivity to your childcare


Its the simple and repetitive tasks that make for cumbersome days at your business. Our standard practise Automation of these tasks help revolutionize your centre


Our easy and simple employee management module helps organize your staffing, their hours, and payroll

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Grown Organic

Its just not about saving the Earth. We have grown organically and we want you to benefit from our suite of solutions and experiences.

  • Manage all your people and resources in one place
  • Measure your success
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Popular Packages

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$199.00/month with monthly subscription


Start with supporting upto 60 families and associated staff management services, all our standard features and still with room to upgrade at any time.

✔ Support upto 60 families

✔ ACH Export

✔ Late/Early Fees

✔ Free Card Reader App

✔ Enhanced Secure Data

✔ Scheduled Backups

✔ All Features Below

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$249.00/month with monthly subscription


Upgrade to our best value package to support unlimited families and associated staff management services, with ability to make a serious mark on your customers and stay on top of your game.

✔ Support unlimited families

✔ Automated ACH*

✔ Payroll Management

✔ Automated Penalties

✔ Managed Card Reader & App

✔ Data Integration

✔ Temperature Monitor

✔ Evaluations & Appointments

✔ Timesheets

✔ Parent Surveys

✔ All Startup Features

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$349.00/month with monthly subscription


Put your business on steroids with nothing holding your growth back. Our superior package offers our most powerful package with the best of what we offer by adding access control.

✔ Assessments

✔ Expense Management

✔ Parent Reviews

✔ Facility Access Control

✔ Backup Deployment**

✔ All Rapid Features

Prices are in US$

* ACH $0.10 per txn.
** 1 backup deployment.
Common features

Our Growth Based System

Even if you are a seasoned child care operator, one of your biggest problem will always be - administration. With the launch of our automated administration assistance system, operators can now not only rely on, but also increase operational efficiencies in related areas such as collect fees. Automatic, Smart, Scheduled.


✔ Automated Notifications

✔ Role-based Secure Access

✔ Email Distribution

✔ Automated Invoicing

✔ Appointments


✔ Automated Tax Receipts

✔ Change Tracker

✔ Parent Communication & Logs

✔ Staff Management

✔ Support & Training


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